Sports to Improve Your Health
Sports to Improve Your Health

Sports to Improve Your Health

You want to take up a sport both as a new hobby and a mean to improve your health? There are so many choices? We will give you a few suggestions in the following article blexry .

Strengthen your muscles with Pilates

Pilates is practiced on the ground, on a mat or on devices like the reformer, a sort of bed-cart with a sliding plate, pulleys and other accessories. You can use balloons, springs or elastic. This technique is based on the control of movement and breathing, inspired by yoga, dance, and gymnastics.

It’s good for what? Pilates engages all the muscles of the body. It works in harmony stabilizing muscles (postural) and mobilizing muscles (the movement). Eventually, the practice of Pilates improves strength and coordination, develops flexibility and corrects posture by strengthening and toning muscles.

Avoid: if you suffer from diseases such as herniated disc or scoliosis.

Where to practice? Many sport centers offer Pilates classes. You can also practice at home via the internet, alone or with a personal trainer.

Stay in control of yourself with judo

Judo is a martial art that combines balance, strength, flexibility and defense techniques.

It’s good for what? Judo is very physical. The whole body is stressed and you have to work seamlessly. Judo develops gestural quality, the establishment of the body image, and improves the perception of the body. Based on self-control and respect for others, judo is also good for your mind.

Avoid: if you suffer from pain at the spine or joints.

Where to practice? Club. You can also opt for another martial art such as karate or kung fu.

Work your legs with Flamenco

Flamenco is a dance coming from southern Spain. Expressive and energetic flamenco dance is characterized by the force when the feet of a dancer hit the ground

It’s good for what? The striking of the feet effectively gains muscle in legs. With training, the body will be toned. By adopting an elegant posture, women can benefit a lot from Flamenco. Dance involves balance, works the abdominal and buttocks. The abdominals are strengthened, joints are loosened up gradually. Dancing is also a good way of inhibiting and taming your body.

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