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Two way radios

Two way radios

Two way radios are used to transmit voice signals. It can be used for both the purposes, for transmitting and receiving. They are different from a broadcast receiver in which it is only possible to receive voice signals. There are three types of configurations of the 2 way radios that are available in the market. First is the mobile, second being the stationary base and the third is the hand-held portable. You must have seen the hand held ones. They are often called as a walkie-talkie. There is a push to talk button in the handset that makes the transfer of the voice signals possible.

You can purchase these 2 way radios for your staff if you need to interact on a regular basis. These 2 way radios are used by various departments in case of an emergency and otherwise also. The frequencies that they use may de different, but the work they perform is the same. In the recent times, there has been a boost in the radio technologies and various technologies have come into being. The families if these radios have emerged and they also have some sub groups. Two of the types are the conventional versus trunked and the conventional ones.

Conventional radios are different from the trunked ones. They operate on fixed channels that are also called as the RF channels. If a radio has multiple channels, it will operate on one channel at a given point of time. The user has to select the channel that he wants to operate on. The radio control panel helps in this task. The trunked radio systems however are different altogether. The system is designed in a way that it picks up the frequency by itself. it does not have to be adjusted using any of the radio controls. The system logic in these types of 2 way radios is wonderful.

The 2 way radios are also used to convey the digital data. There may be some calling features that are additional or you can say, selective. The mobile messaging devices can be connected with the 2 way radios and data can be sent in a short span of time. A god company that deals in such radio sets would provide all the latest models. They would also make available the accessories that you need to have with your radio. Yu have to make a right choice according to the usage factors.

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